For What it’s Worth

Editorial for Jewellery Festival 'Obsessed!', Amsterdam, 2019

'For What it’s Worth’ is a visual research on how people review jewellery on online platforms like Amazon, Alibaba or other online platforms. As part of our proect ‘Jewellery Perspectives’ we traced different reviews on one simple golden necklace.


‘For What it’s Worth’ is a research project that reflects about the wearing, experiencing and reviewing of jewellery. The project zooms in on the intimate relationship between a jewel and its wearer.

The research started with finding jewellery reviews by customers of commercial websites like Amazon, Alibaba,, … and the very actively present online jewellery market. The online jewellery reviews that we collected gave us an insight into reasons why people buy nowadays serially produced jewellery on large commercial platforms and how this is culturally defined by personal reviews (remembrance, special occasions, gifts, family, replacement for the real one, …). Furthermore these types of reviews reveal how jewellery customers speak about their jewellery and what kind of language they are using.

Editorial design: Irma Foldenyi, Research: Irma Foldenyi and Evelien Bracke