Editorial design workshop at Design Academy Eindhoven, Information Design Masters.



In the 1920’s art historian Aby Warburg re-assembled art history in his image atlas ‘Mnemosyme’: he was not looking for how eras followed eachother, but how subjects re-appeared in time in history. Today the amount of digital images we are encountering a day has never been so high since we entered the short history of web environments. How can we develop new modes of image reading? What could be the history book today? What is the role of an information designer in such a design process? Taking the Warburg method as a source, during the workshop we analyzed and collected imagery from secondary school history books world wide. Outcome:' International History Book' an image based history book with a non-linear narrative where new relations between facts come to the forefront. 


commissioned by Design Academy Eindhoven - concept by Irma Foldenyi - with the participation of Information Design Masters students - 2017