Sand Medals

By spraying industrial amounts of sand, land is created at the 2nd Maasvlakte, the most recent addition to the harbour of Rotterdam. A soft, flat, wavy surface is created with sand that has its own history, being brought from paleolithic fields that now constitute the bottom of the North Sea.
I used this technique on a small scale by applying sand layers onto medallions, an archetype in jewellery. The imprints of the jewellery surface started to fade away, and only the outside contour of the piece remain recognizable.
The sand from each medallion is taken from a different m2 on the site of the Maasvlakte, making each medallion a representation of the specific sand deposits on the reclaimed land.
With these probes I was looking for connections between geo-location, sand and jewellery.

Objects and photos by Irma Foldenyi