A project by designers Irma Földényi and Pomme van Hoof where they are exploring the passing on of artifacts and intangible attributes to a new generation. 'Things We Hand Down' is an installation welcoming the audience to partake in the process of selection making, applied to the idea of the self and that of the city of Stockholm. Images of artefacts are used as starting points for a discussion on what people would like to preserve for the new generation, what they think needs transformation, and what they would rather get rid off. As we know, generational change occurs over years or decades, therefore this installation reduces time, and models the process of selection and handing down of heritage from one generation to the other within a timespan of this exhibition, 8 hours.


Concept and production in collaboration with Pomme van Hoof - supported by Zagreb City Council and Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and Detroit Stockholm - photos by Stephanie Wiegner